The scientific community of researchers in Artificial Intelligence Europe mobilized and created in 2018 a non-profit Association called ELLIS, the European Laboratory of Learning and Intelligent Systems. In December 2019 and after a competitive selection process, ELLIS announced the establishment of 17 ELLIS units in 10 countries in Europe and Israel. At that time the ELLIS network emerged with a commitment of more than 200 million euros of investment in research in the next 5 years. In June 2020, ELLIS announced the creation of 10 more ELLIS units, leading to a network of 30 units in 14 European countries and Israel. The official inauguration of these first 30 ELLIS units took place on September, 15th 2020.

The goals of ELLIS

Attract, retain and cultivate the next generation of research talent in Europe. For this, it is necessary to address the main existing barriers, including the lack of competitive wages; the high teaching load; the rigidity of many academic environments in Europe that hinder the creation of startups and / or close collaboration with companies, and the fragmentation of research, generating islands of excellence and missing opportunities.