Nippon Gases supports ELLIS Alicante

Rebeca de Miguel

Rebeca de Miguel

Head of Operations of ELLIS Alicante

February 8, 2024

Nippon Gases makes a donation to ELLIS Alicante to support research and innovation in Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Europe.

Nippon Gases, the European business of Nippon Sanso Holdings Corporation, leader in the industrial, medical and semiconductor gases sector, announces its support to the ELLIS Alicante. The company has made a donation to the non-profit organization that promotes research and innovation in the field of responsible artificial intelligence (AI) for social good in Europe.

ELLIS Alicante is part of ELLIS, the European network of excellence in AI, fostering talent, collaboration and knowledge exchange among the leading research centres and companies in the sector. Artificial Intelligence is a key technology for the future, which offers solutions to the major social, economic and environmental challenges facing the world.

This contribution reaffirms Nippon Gases’ ongoing dedication to fostering sustainable development within the European industrial sector and driving digital transformation across companies and society. The company takes pride in its role in advancing Artificial Intelligence in Europe, finding satisfaction in its meaningful contribution to this progress. “Through this donation, Nippon Gases aims to support the development of Artificial Intelligence in Europe with the values of our society, contributing to promote gender equality in the sector and a safe advancement in the digitalization of our industry.” said Eduardo Gil, President of Nippon Gases.

Nuria Oliver, director of ELLIS Alicante signs a collaboration agreement with Eduardo Gil, president of Nippon Gases.

“We are convinced that Artificial Intelligence is a fundamental tool to improve the quality of life of people and to generate new business opportunities. That is why we want to support ELLIS Alicante, which performs an essential work to promote the European Artificial Intelligence ecosystem and to attract and retain talent in this field”.

Nuria Oliver, co-founder and Scientific Director at ELLIS Alicante, thanked Nippon Gases for their gesture and highlighted the importance of having the support of the private sector: “ELLIS Alicante is thrilled to formalize this collaboration with Nippon Gases. In the name of the Foundation, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for their generous support. Their dedication to foster more gender diversity in engineering is fully aligned with our values and our actions to build diverse teams and bring a gender perspective to AI research. Furthermore, Nippon Gases’ commitment to supporting our research in responsible AI for Social Good not only propels our mission forward but, I am sure, will serve as an inspiration for others. I look forward to many years of joint work to achieve a more inclusive and sustainable future with the help of AI.”

The signing of this partnership between the company and the foundation took place yesterday at ELLIS Alicante headquarters in Alicante, with Eduardo Gil and Nuria Oliver, alongside César Callejo and Astrid Nilsen—CIO and Talent Director Europe, respectively, at Nippon Gases. By supporting ELLIS Alicante, Nippon Gases contributes to the ethical development of Artificial Intelligence, guaranteeing a safe future for all its stakeholders.

For more information about research at ELLIS Alicante, please visit ELLIS Alicante