ELLIS PhD Program

The ELLIS PhD and Postdoc program offers outstanding young researchers from all over the world a unique entry point to cutting-edge machine learning research across Europe.

The ELLIS PhD & Postdoc Program supports excellent young researchers by connecting them to leading researchers across Europe and offering a variety of networking and training activities, including summer schools and workshops. ELLIS PhDs and postdocs conduct cutting-edge curiosity-driven research in machine learning or a related research area with the goal of publishing in top-tier conferences in the field.

PhD students and postdocs in the academic track strive for international collaboration as they partner with two European academic institutions in their research. These candidates are supervised by two advisors from different European countries: one of the advisors must be an ELLIS fellow/scholar or unit faculty; the other advisor should be an ELLIS fellow, scholar, unit faculty or member. PhDs and postdocs in the program visit the exchange institution for min. 6 months (the partitioning of this time is flexible). Normally, the exchange is partially sponsored by the exchange institution; ELLIS PhD students and postdocs are also eligible to apply for the ELISE mobility grant.

There is a yearly central call for applications in fall, which are announced on the ELLIS Society website. Admission to the program is highly competitive and only about 5-10% of eligible applicants are accepted.

ELLIS Alicante is proud to host an outstanding team of PhD students from the ELLIS PhD program:

PhD Student
PhD Student
PhD Student
Partially funded by the Generalitat Valenciana Conselleria de Innovacion, Universidades, Ciencia y Sociedad Digital and the European Union European Regional Development Fund