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ELLIS Doctoral Symposium 2022

The ELLIS Doctoral Symposium is an annual conference for ELLIS PhD students and other PhDs students to meet in person and share knowledge about Machine Learning. The ELLIS Doctoral Symposium 2022 (EDS22) is the second edition, and will be held in Alicante, Spain. It is expected to host 200 attendees during one week in September. The conference will take place from the 19th to the 23th of September. Join us for keynotes, poster sessions and social events!

Participants are expected to present a poster or prepare a tooling session with a strong machine learning component. The topic of the poster or tooling session is completely open, as the ELLIS Programs bring together researchers from multiple disciplines within the Machine Learning community (Computer Vision, NLP, Theoretical ML, Reinforcement Learning, Human-Centric ML…). If you don’t already exactly know what are you going to present, feel free to submit a tentavite title.

The theme of the keynotes and panel in this conference is AI for Good.

The goal is to bring 200 of the best PhD students together to discuss their work through multiple poster and tooling sessions. In addition, students will have the opportunity to attend talks from leading researchers throughout the week! EDS22 is a follow up of the hugely successful EDS21 held in Tubingen last year.

An image of the Castle of Santa Barbara taken from the Castle of Sant Ferran
The Castle of Santa Barbara in Alicante

What is ELLIS?

The European Laboratory for Learning and Intelligent Systems (ELLIS) is a pan-European AI network of excellence which focuses on fundamental science, technical innovation and societal impact. Founded in 2018, ELLIS builds upon machine learning as the driver for modern AI and aims to secure Europe’s sovereignty in this competitive field by creating a multi-centric AI research laboratory. ELLIS is an inter-governmental umbrella organization that has established 35 units in 14 different countries in Europe. It has also launched one of Europe’s most competitive pan-European PhD programs which aims to attract the best young scientists to do their PhDs in Europe.

A key component of ELLIS is the ELLIS PhD Program that helps young researchers connect with ELLIS fellows or scholars who are seeking PhD Students. It offers a platform to attract PhD students in Machine Learning from anywhere in the world to Europe and to connect them through various events all year round.

How to Apply?

Registration’s are now open again!! You can read more about the admission process in the registration tab, but applying is as simple as filling out the form you see when you click on the button below. Please note that filling this form does not guarantee a spot for the symposium.

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Have More Questions?

We’re happy to answer them! Reach out to Aditya at aditya@ellisalicante.org.