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The event is open to ELLIS PhDs and postdocs, as well as PhDs of ELLIS Fellows/Scholars/Members, but is limited to 200 participants. The organizers will prioritize active members of the ELLIS network, and students who are early in their PhDs. A smaller number of slots will be reserved for local participants of the University of Alicante as well as AIDA students.

Participants are expected to present a poster or prepare a tooling session with a strong machine learning component. The topic of the poster or tooling session is completely open, as the ELLIS Programs bring together researchers from multiple disciplines within the Machine Learning community (Computer Vision, NLP, Theoretical ML, Reinforcement Learning, Human-Centric ML…). If you don’t already know exactly what are you going to present, feel free to submit a tentavite title.

To submit your application, simply fill in this google form before the 20th of May! Note that filling this form does not guarantee a spot for the symposium. You will be notified by the 30th of May if you are selected.

While all participants are expected to present a poster or prepare a tooling session with a strong machine learning component, we understand that it might not be possible to finalse the topic of your poster right away. All we ask for in the form is a tentative title and abstract that can be changed at a later date.

Application Timeline

The Registration Fee

Your admission to the symposium is finalised only once you pay the registration fee. While your lab should be able to cover this cost, you will need to check with your supervisor. We will send you an invoice so that it can be reimbursed by your lab.

The details for paying the registration fee will be sent to you if your application is successful. The tentative costs for registering are:

What does the registration fee cover?

The fee you pay helps us organise the event and bring in some of the best minds from all over Europe to give talks and participate in discussions. In addition, the participation fee covers lunch everyday, coffee breaks, a dinner at the Santa Bárbara Castle and a welcome gift for all the participants!

The excursion to Tabarca on Friday however is not covered by the registration fee. While registering participants can choose to register for this excursion by paying an additional 60€.

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