ELLIS Alicante as Your ERC Grant Hosting Institution

Are you an excellent researcher with a ground-breaking research idea in human-centric AI? ELLIS Alicante invites you to work in a first class research environment in one of Europe’s most beautiful Mediterranean cities. Alicante combines high quality of life, a low cost of living, together with extremely attractive fiscal incentives for newcomers.

We offer long-term academic positions, competitive salaries and a thriving environment to promising as well as established internationally recognized top researchers that are successful in obtaining a grant from the European Research Council (ERC), to pursue cutting-edge research in ELLIS Alicante.

ELLIS Alicante is a newly created research foundation based in Alicante, Spain, one of Europe’s cities with highest quality of life. It is part of the ELLIS network of scientific excellence in AI research in Europe.

We offer a dynamic, agile and non-bureaucratic research environment to empower the brightest minds to pursue purpose-driven, impact-focused research.

We can answer any questions you might have by email: jobs@ellisalicante.org

Frequently asked questions

Yes, you can transfer a grant as long as the transfer is explained and justified and the transfer has received the approval of the ERC Executive Agency (ERCEA).

Possible reasons can be an appointment to another institution or non-compliance of the current institution concerning contractual promises. The new host institution should be able to provide similar conditions to ensure the project remains feasible. The total budget cannot be modified.

The former host institution is required to forward the remaining funds to the new host institution.

Spain offers a special 24% flat tax regime to qualifying non-residents who move to Spain for work. This tax regime known as the Beckham law.

Alicante has a cost of living index of 51, compared to 131 for Zurich, 100 for Oslo, and 85 for London. More data can be found here.