Transparency Portal

The transparency portal of the ELLIS Alicante Foundation provides the main information related to the governance of the CIPF and the development of its fundamental objectives. This helps guarantee the Foundation’s transparency and the right to freely access public information, in compliance with Valencian Community Law 2/2015, of April 2, on transparency, good governance, and citizen participation and Law 19/2013, of December 9, on transparency, access to public information, and good governance.

Corporate Information

Funding Sources

The activities to start the ELLIS Unit Alicante Foundation, its webpage and the research activities carried out in 2020 on the topic of Data Science against COVID-19 have been partially funded with a 120,000 euro grant by the Valencian Generalitat according to Decreto 202/2020 from the 4th of December of 2020.

The research activities on Data Science against COVID-19 are partially funded by the CD4COVID project sponsored by the Fondo Supera from the CRUE and Banco Santander, and by the AI4COVID19 project from the BBVA Foundation.