Nuria Oliver joins International Scientific Expert Advisory Panel on Advanced AI Safety

Rebeca de Miguel

Rebeca de Miguel

Head of Operations of ELLIS Alicante

February 19, 2024

The 32-strong panel is led by AI pioneer Dr. Yoshua Bengio The panel will publish a global landmark report expected to shape the future of AI Safety.

Nuria Oliver, director of ELLIS Alicante and vice-president of the ELLIS society, has been appointed to serve in an international advisory body to provide expert feedback on the “International Scientific Report on Advanced AI Safety”. Dr. Oliver is Spain’s representative alongside 32 experts from 30 nations, as announced earlier this month by the Department of Science, Innovation &Technology of the British Government.

The first-of-its kind report will drive an up-to-date, science-based understanding of the safety and risks of cutting-edge advanced AI systems. Announced at the AI Safety Summit in November 2023, the UK has commissioned Canadian computer scientist Yoshua Bengio, a Turing Award-winning AI academic and member of the UN’s Scientific Advisory Board on AI, to chair the report. The report will serve as a reference point and working tool in upcoming AI safety summits.

The panel members will advise the Chair on the content of the report and are expected to share and promote its findings in their own countries, ensuring that they may guide policymakers and technologists to make informed decisions regarding AI safety. The first publication is expected to take place in the Spring of 2024 and a second iteration will be released at the end of the year. The report is set to become a landmark publication on the most advanced scientific research about the risks and capabilities of frontier AI development. It aims to cement the scientific community’s drive to ensure that discussions on AI safety remain an international collaborative endeavor, bringing together global expertise and diverse perspectives.

Aside from Nuria Oliver, members of the Expert Advisory Panel represent all continents, including Dr. Hiroaki Kitano, CTO of Sony; Amandeep Gill, UN Tech Envoy; Dame Angela McLean, Chief Scientific Adviser to the UK Government and Saif M Khan, senior adviser to the secretary for critical and emerging technologies at the US department of commerce. A full list of panel members is available here.

With over 25 years of research experience on human-centric AI, Dr. Oliver’s participation in this expert panel is fully aligned with the vision and mission of ELLIS Alicante, a non-profit private foundation devoted to the scientific research on responsible AI for Social Good. ELLIS Alicante advocates for the responsible, transparent, and user-centric development of Artificial Intelligence, focusing on relevant topics, such as algorithmic fairness and transparency, privacy, the inclusivity in human-AI interaction and the study of the social impact of AI. The goal is to ensure the positive impact of AI on society.

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