Predoctoral Researcher Positions (PhD student)

ELLIS Alicante is looking for Predoctoral Researchers – PhD Student positions as part of the highly competitive ELLIS PhD Program. Are you interested in carrying out top research in Human-centric AI while being part of the competitive ELLIS network?

ELLIS (The European Laboratory of Learning and Intelligent Systems) is a European non-profit association whose objective is to attract, retain and nurture the next generation of excellent researchers in Europe in machine learning and related topics. In addition to excellent research, ELLIS aims to have positive economic and societal impact. Four open calls since the Fall of 2019 led to the establishment of a network of 41 ELLIS units in 16 different countries. Together, these units bring together the best AI researchers, creating a critical mass of excellent research centers across Europe and Israel.

The ELLIS Alicante is a non-for-profit Foundation called the “Institute for Human(ity)-centric Artificial Intelligence”. It is devoted to three large research areas:

\1. AI that understands us, by modelling human behavior using AI techniques both for individuals and larger groups, with a special interest in Social Good applications.

\2. AI that interacts with us, via the development of intelligent, interactive systems, with a special focus on the development of smart phones, personal assistants and chatbots.

\3. AI that we trust, tackling the ethical challenges brought by AI, such as algorithmic discrimination, violation of privacy, opacity, lack of veracity or subliminal manipulation of human behavior.

To know more about our research areas, we encourage you to read our most recent publications.

We offer competitive salaries and a flexible working environment. We are located in the University Campus of the University of Alicante, a beautiful mid-size Mediterranean city with sandy beaches, mild winters, excellent museums, international schools, a large international airport and world-class gastronomy.

Submission Guidelines

Click here for more information on how to apply. The next opportunity to apply for the ELLIS Doctoral Program is in fall 2024.

Admission to the program is competitive. In a typical round, less than 5% of all registered applicants, and between 5-10% of eligible applicants are accepted.


All questions about the application process should be sent to