Postdoc, Junior and Senior Researcher Positions

The newly created ELLIS Unit of Alicante, Spain, is looking for postdocs, junior and senior researchers. ELLIS (The European Laboratory of Learning and Intelligent Systems) is a European non-profit association whose objective is to attract, retain and nurture the next generation of excellent researchers in Europe in machine learning and related topics. In addition to excellent research, ELLIS aims to have positive economic and societal impact. Five open calls led to the establishment of a network of 41 ELLIS units in 16 different countries. Together, these units bring together the best AI researchers at their locations and are connected with each other, creating a critical mass of excellent research centers across Europe and Israel.

ELLIS Alicante is a newly created non-for-profit Foundation called the “Institute for Human(ity)-centric Artificial Intelligence”. It is devoted to three large research areas:

  1. Computational modeling of individual and aggregate human behavior using machine learning techniques, including the area of leveraging such models for social good.

  2. Development of intelligent, interactive systems, and particularly intelligent mobile systems and personal assistants.

  3. Human-centric challenges in AI, such as algorithmic discrimination and opacity, computational violation of people’s privacy, lack of veracity or the subliminal manipulation of human behavior.

To know more about our research areas, we encourage you to read our most recent publications.

ELLIS Alicante offers competitive salaries and a flexible working environment with no teaching load and close interactions both with universities and companies.

It is located in the University Campus of the University of Alicante, a beautiful mid-size Mediterranean city with sandy beaches, mild winters, excellent museums, international schools, a large international airport and world-class gastronomy.

Submission Guidelines

The unit in Alicante has positions for researchers at all levels of seniority, with an excellent track record of research in the above-mentioned research areas. Junior researchers are expected to be at the level of an ELLIS Scholar and Senior researchers at the level of an ELLIS Fellow.

ELLIS Fellows are outstanding senior researchers who have made significant contributions to science and commit to acting as ambassadors of ELLIS. They are expected to provide strategic advice and leadership not just scientifically, but also in terms of how to build and grow ELLIS. ELLIS Scholars are outstanding junior scientists, often assistant professors, who do not yet have the seniority of a Fellow but are on a clear trajectory to reach this level.

The level of expected excellence would be similar to what ERC grants or prestigious research institutions (both private and public) would look for. Examples include (but are not limited to): regular publications in top-tier venues, research impact (h-index / citations / real-world applications), prestigious awards, honors and grants, editorial board memberships, invitations to serve as AC/PC for top-tier conferences, membership in editorial boards of top-tier journals, and invited talks/tutorials at top-tier conferences.

As a reference:

  • Scholars: Junior scientists with up to 10 years of post-PhD experience. We also consider extensions for maternity or other types of leaves. The h-index of the current group of Scholars is 14 or higher. The median is 19 and scholars reaching 10 years of post-PhD experience have an h-index of 25 on average.
  • Fellows: Senior scientists with typically more than 10 years of post-PhD experience and h-index which typically is higher than 25. The median h-index of the current Fellows is 53.
  • Depending on the research areas there may be systematic differences that should be taken into account.

Note the eligible career breaks should be taken into consideration, following the ERC criteria described here.

Note that only applicants with a demonstrated research record on the areas previously described will be considered.

Applicants should submit their CV + brief statement of interest in PDF format to this link


All questions about the application process should be sent to