Julien Colin

PhD Student


Julien Colin is an ELLIS PhD student. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Physics and Chemistry (2019, University of Lorraine) and a Master’s degree in Cognitive Sciences: Natural and Artificial Cognition (2021, INP Grenoble). Before the start of his PhD, he worked as a research assistant; first at ANITI for 6 months (2021, Toulouse) then at Brown University for 5 months (2022, Providence). His PhD topic is centered around eXplainable AI and Neuroscience. In his research, he is interested in developing methods to better understand Intelligent systems. His supervisors are Nuria Oliver (ELLIS Alicante) and Thomas Serre (ANITI).

Publications in association with the ELLIS Unit Alicante


Boutin, V., Fel, T., Singhal, L., Mukherji, R., Nagaraj, A., Colin, J., & Serre, T. (2023). Diffusion Models as Artists: Are we Closing the Gap between Humans and Machines?. arXiv preprint:2301.11722 .


Colin, J., Fel, T., Cadène, R., & Serre, T. (2022). What I Cannot Predict, I Do Not Understand: A Human-Centered Evaluation Framework for Explainability Methods. 36th Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS) .