A Techno-Feminist Perspective on the Algorithmic Censorship of Artistic Nudity

Authors: Riccio, P. , Oliver, N.

External link: https://hsah.humanitiesconnect.pub/articles/10.48431/hsah.0310
Publication: Bibliotheca Hertziana–Max Planck Institute for Art History, 3, 2024

This short article focuses on the growing challenge of algorithmic censorship of artistic content on online social platforms, particularly content that exhibits nudity. Contemporary artists heavily rely on social platforms to showcase and give visibility to their work, which is increasingly judged by machine learning algorithms that decide to remove or de-prioritize content if it is deemed inappropriate. While the challenge lies in distinguishing between artistic nudity and explicit material, we address this phenomenon from a techno-feminist perspective, considering different aspects of its cultural, governance, and technological dimensions.