BIASeD: Bringing Irrationality into Automated System Design

Authors: Aditya Gulati, Miguel Angel Lozano, Bruno Lepri, Nuria Oliver (2022)

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Abstract: Human perception, memory and decision-making are impacted by tens of cognitive biases and heuristics that influence our actions and decisions. Despite the pervasiveness of such biases, they are generally not leveraged by today's Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems that model human behavior and interact with humans. In this theoretical paper, we claim that the future of human-machine collaboration will entail the development of AI systems that model, understand and possibly replicate human cognitive biases. We propose the need for a research agenda on the interplay between human cognitive biases and Artificial Intelligence. We categorize existing cognitive biases from the perspective of AI systems, identify three broad areas of interest and outline research directions for the design of AI systems that have a better understanding of our own biases.

Presenter: Aditya Gulati

Date: 2022-11-08 15:00 (CET)