ELLIS Alicante and the Dynamic Decision Making Laboratory (DDMLab) organise a Joint Workshop on Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence

Rebeca de Miguel

Rebeca de Miguel

Head of Operations of ELLIS Alicante

March 6, 2023

ELLIS Alicante in Spain and the Dynamic Decision Making Laboratory (DDMLab) from Carnegie Mellon University in the USA are organizing a 3-day workshop March 7-9 in Alicante, Spain, home to the ELLIS unit, in order to explore research collaborations on Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence (AI).

In the so-called “2023 ELLIS-DDMLab Workshop”, researchers from both laboratories, which specialise in ethical, human-centric and responsible AI research and dissemination, will come together to exchange knowledge and explore novel collaborations in the study of human-AI complementarity and human-AI teams. The goal of this workshop is to generate new research ideas that will advance the foundational research of human-AI collaborations and interdependencies. By the end of this workshop, researchers from ELLIS and DDMLab would have identified concrete collaboration projects between the two laboratories, which will be pursued in future search.

This type of alliance is at the core of ELLIS Alicante’s vision of achieving a better, more sustainable future thanks to Artificial Intelligence in collaboration with scientists and institutions not only from the ELLIS network but also from other geographies, such as United States. For more information visit: ELLIS Alicante - DDMLab 2023 Workshop (cmu.edu)

For more information visit: ELLIS Alicante - DDMLab 2023 Workshop (cmu.edu).