Lucile Favero

PhD Student photo

Lucile Favero is an ELLIS PhD student, with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from the University of Geneva and a master’s degree in Mathematics and Neuroscience. In her master thesis in Mathematics, directed by Dr. Sylvain Sardy, she developed a machine learning model to optimize heat pump systems. In parallel, in her neuroscience studies, Lucile did a full-time internship for three years under the supervision of Dr. Giulio Matteucci at the El-Boustani laboratory. There, she implemented a decision-making model that promises to provide invaluable information to experimenters when designing, analyzing and refining behavioral tasks. Lucile is currently pursuing her PhD studies under the guidance of Dr. Nuria Oliver (ELLIS Alicante), Dr. Tanja Kaser (EPFL) and Dr. Juan Antonio Pérez Ortiz (UA) focusing on the integration of the Socratic method in chatbot development to improve educational outcomes.


Publications in association with ELLIS Alicante


Favero, L. A., Pérez-Ortiz, J. A., Käser, T., & Oliver, N. (2024). Towards Student-Centric AI-Supported Learning: Teaching Chatbots to Ask the Right Questions. Collaborative AI and Modeling of Humans, AAAI Bridge Program.