Rebeca de Miguel

Head of Operations


Rebeca is a driven management, operations and communications professional and a conscientious learner with a knack for strategic and creative thinking. With more than 15 years leadership experience in organisational administration and institutional relations, both in the private and public sectors, and a multidisciplinary background going from the humanities to R&D and innovation, she has played a major role in promoting the launch and success of the organisations she has worked for, primarily in the areas of organisational, operational, project and knowledge management, team building and coaching, external and internal strategic communications, marketing, public and media relations, and event organisation.

Rebeca received a bachelor’s degree in Communications Science (majoring in Journalism) from the University of the Basque Country (Bilbao, Spain) and a bachelor’s degree in Film Studies and History and Theory of Art from the University of Kent at Canterbury (UK). She has also earned a Postgraduate Specialisation Diploma for Managing Directors of Foundations jointly awarded by the Spanish Association of Foundations (Asociación Española de Fundaciones - AEF), Universidad CEU San Pablo and Fundación Rafael del Pino. She is currently undertaking a master’s degree in Corporate Communications, Protocol and Events at the UOC (Barcelona, Spain).