Tanja Käser

Associate Scientist

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Prof. Tanja Käser is an assistant professor at the EPFL School of Computer and Communication Sciences (IC) and head of the ML4ED laboratory. Her research lies at the intersection of machine learning, data mining, and education. She is particularly interested in creating accurate models of human behavior and learning. Prior to joining EPFL, Tanja Käser was a senior data scientist with the Swiss Data Science Center at ETH Zurich. Before that, she was a postdoctoral researcher with the AAALab at the Graduate School of Education of Stanford University. Tanja Käser received her PhD degree from the Computer Science Department of ETH Zurich. In her dissertation, completed at the Computer Graphics Laboratory, she focused on user modeling and data mining in education, which was honored with the Fritz Kutter Award 2015.

She collaborates with ELLIS Alicante as the secondary advisor of ELLIS PhD student Lucile Favero.

Publications in association with ELLIS Alicante


Favero, L. A., Pérez-Ortiz, J. A., Käser, T., & Oliver, N. (2024). Towards Student-Centric AI-Supported Learning: Teaching Chatbots to Ask the Right Questions. Collaborative AI and Modeling of Humans, AAAI Bridge Program.